Guidelines for Contributors

Manuscript Preparation

Manuscripts(two double spaced hard copies)should not exceed 10,000 words(including end notes and references).Manuscripts should be typed,double spaced using Times New Roman font size 12. Citations should confirm to APA 6th edition documentation styles.The language of presentatio should be English.Electronic submissions are to be made with Microsoft Word, with the file name clearly indicated.Each manuscript should be accompanied by an abstract of not more than 250 words.. All works consulted should be listed serially at the end of each article under the headline REFERENCES. Notes commenting or explaining points made in the text should appear after the main text,not at the bottom of the page.Each article should be accompanied by a separate(cover)sheet indicating the title of the paper as well as the following information about the author: (i)Full Name; (ii)institutional affiliation;and (iii)Current Status. For the purpose of blind peer-reviewing,the first page of each article should not bear the name(s)of the author(s).The maximum acceptable number of authors and co authors is three. The Managing Editor expect sprecision in presentation.Prospective contributors should therefore avoid unnecessary flowery language;write in simple easy-to-comprehend style. All articles should be sent as e-mail attachment to:fakhraaziz41@gmail.com or journalijeer@gmail.com Subsciption Rates
Single Copy
Individual 500.00 Rs , Institutional 450.00 Rs
Overseas ($) Individual 50.00 , Institutional 40.00